A pocket size

Obsessed with
big sustainable
real world ideas

Never let personal
emotions cloud
sound judgement

Churn knowledge,
strategy and local
relevance led work

Believe in taking a
few bold risks and
creating dissonance

Pay diligent attention
to the sentiments of

Provide a work
climate that truly
inspires people

Strive to honestly
partner clients’
diverse needs



Small client base policy – More personalised focused attention
Roll-up your sleeves indomitable spirit
Core tested team with big agency- big brand exposure
Zero bureaucracy, lesser overheads and turnaround time
An honest commitment to adopting a single voice, tone and look
Being true to the task at hand and not being media biased
A superior creative product offering that’s refreshingly fresh


We truly believe communication can help create positive social change and
strongly urge our clients to imbibe this in every brand’s DNA.
We’re always on the lookout to partner deserving NGOs and
in our very own small way support all ethical initiatives.


Gold – Iraivi Bold Bridal Avatars – Photography Category
Silver – Convo Cafe Carnivores – Illustration Single Category
Silver – Ampsons Spirits Dionysus Wine – Corporate Branding / Logo Category


Gold- Ampsons Spirits Yogi Wine- Corporate Branding / Logo Category
Silver- NAC Jewellers Akshaya Tritiyai in Print – Retail Category
Bronze- Senthil Murugan Jewellers Akshaya Tritiyai in Print- Tamil Category
Bronze- South Indian Agro Quail Eggs in Poster Category


Gold- NAC Jewellers Vijayawada Launch in Retail Film Category
Gold- NAC Jewellers Fabula in Direct Mailer Category


Gold – NAC Jewellers, Muhurtham Collections Film in Retail Category
Bronze – NAC Jewellers, Bonus Diwali Film in Retail Category
Black Pencil Special Award for Art Direction for NAC Jewellers Valayal Thiruvizha


Gold – Print Campaign, Alive – Lavazza
Gold – Poster, Kannadasan Audio Book
Silver – Poster/Outdoor, Karuna Santha Laxative
Silver – Self Promo, Arun Bird Photographer
Bronze – Outdoor/Ambient, Motomall Car Spa

Silver – Print Campaign, Alive – Lavazza
Silver – Poster, Kannadasan Audio Book
Bronze – Self Promo, Arun Bird Photographer
Bronze – Copywriting, Pest O Cide
Bronze – Outdoor/Ambient, Motomall Car Spa
Bronze – Chennai Traffic Police

Finalist – Print Campaign, Alive – Lavazza
Finalist – Poster/Outdoor Campaign, Karuna Santha Laxative


Silver - Print Campaign, Alive - Lavazza
Silver - Poster, Tic Tac Video Rentals
Silver – Poster, Arun Bird Photographer
Bronze – Ambient, Padma Nursing Home
Bronze – Logo, Chirpy Elephant

Gold - Illustration Campaign, Alive - Lavazza
Gold - Poster Campaign for Tic Tac Video Rentals
Silver - Print Campaign, Alive - Lavazza
Bronze – Poster, Arun Bird Photographer
Bronze – Website, Chirpy Elephant Self Promo
Bronze – Direct Mailer, Pest O Cide

Finalist – Print, Alive - Lavazza, F&B
Finalist – Illustration, Alive - Lavazza

2014 – Best Retail Gold Jewellery Ad Film for NAC Jewellers
2015 – Best Print Campaign of the Year, 2015 for Breezee Light Weight Jewellery
2015 – Best TV Campaign of the Year, 2015 for NAC’s Breezee & Bangle Mela


We opted for the name Chirpy Elephant frankly because
it sounded seriously fun and different as the pachyderm
itself. Come on.. Admit with a tusk on your heart, that
we did strongly tug your heartstrings. No?.. Alright so
you’re level-headed folks, you don’t have to buy the
name on emotional grounds alone..


.. Here are some rationales that make sense too
Like an Elephant we’re
Extremely fun-loving and witty, Exceptional listeners, Good
at whiffing out trends, Admired for our collective wisdom,
Sold on big engaging ideas, Capable of handling heavy
workloads, Skilled in adopting diverse tones, Adept at
swimming against the tide, Highly sociable and Value

Celebrity Endorsement

..And if you are still faintly sceptical we have a
celebrity endorsement too. According to Aristotle,
the most celebrated of the ancient Greek
philosophers, the Elephant is “The beast which
passeth all others in wit
and mind."

Now that we have hopefully convinced you on our name, it’s now time to co-create big engaging sustainable brand stories